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Blake Harnage


May 11th, 2009

Yep, now I wanna learn the Hustle.

Watching the Nanny ;)

December 30th, 2008

I'm really happy because

Blake Harnage
I don't give a shit anymore :D

Now I realize why my other friends would do it, because it's what you need to do in order to survive.

It's actually a great thing.

December 28th, 2008

When I first saw Paramore, I went alone, it was a sold out show, and I was begging my mom the whole month to go and she finally decided to take me, AFTER it was sold out :/ I guess she felt bad and took me to see if anyone had an extra ticket. I got one, blah blah blah, going to a show alone is not fun, especially when you're like 13 D: I was kinda freaked. When I left there were bums and stuff, the same ones that are still there, and like these guys came up to me and handed me a CD and that ^^ It is definitely an old photo due to the fact one of them, I can't tell who, has a fro XD But now they are signed too!

This is my favorite story, it was Taste of Chaos, and There For Tomorrow were promoting right? Well I saw them before when they won battle of the bands to play at No Snow Show, and like I was like, "Whoaaa" I don't remember who I met first but Chris was off on his own, and the rest of them were by merch. I think I met the guys first, well Maika. He handed me one of the CD Release Show cards, and I was like, "Didn't you preform at No Snow?" And I just talked to him for a couple minutes about shows, etc. Then I think I met Chris, he gave me one too, man it's been a while I don't remember D:, ha-ha, and then I went back to him and asked him to sign it, no idea why, but I just went to ask him.

He was so adorable, I think he was kinda in shock or something, because he was nervous. When he went to sign it, he was shaking, and he was like, "Wow, I'm shaking, ha." SO CUTE :D Now they are signed and it's just SO WEIRD thinking back, right Daniela?!

I mean look:

I think that was the second time I ever went to the Capitol, maybe third, I don't really remember.

Kourtni was in Ohio, I was not on good terms with Shelby; so I had NO ONE to go with to meet Underoath D: But I still went, with an annoying little 6 year old, who weighs more than me :/ It was at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater/Tampa, wherever it is. Aaron's hair actually fell into my CD, XD, so I had red hair in my case, but I don't have it anymore :P I was no on the DVD either, 777, they didn't get that far in the line, so pissed.

After we lost Kourtni in the Red Jumpsuit pit at Warped Tour '07, we were looking for her, and Mayday's meet and greet started soon. I was like screw it and went, there was like 5 people in the line!!!!!!!!! It was shorter than Anberlin's line! I was like, "Dude, WTF?" I couldn't believe it. This is Florida for goodness sakes!

That was the first time I met Paramore, probably one of the best days of my life :D

&&&&&&&& I'm done, for now.

December 13th, 2008

When your best friend is in a horrible situation and you can't help her because she's a thousand miles away.
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